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How to Get the Most of your Cheap Stock Footage

The best thing about cheap stock footage is it gives you high quality videos, even if you do not have adequate time and resources. Several versions of your ideas were already shot by talented contributors all around the world and are made available via stock media agencies. Stock video covers various styles and topics. Many feel authentic and are even more vibrant than you envisioned your creative projects to be. Once you find the video you need, you need to make the most of it using these tips:

  • Stay organized. Staying organized does not only apply to your clutters in the real world, but also to online content. It allows you to prevent spending on cheap stock footage you don’t need just because you are in a hurry. No longer do you have to worry about saving links in your desktop just to find out that they are broken later. What you can do best is to save the ID number of the video and move on to the others until you have a collection of clips relevant to your project.
  • Buy a higher resolution. If your budget allows it, always consider buying cheap stock footage in the highest possible quality. It allows you to use the video in many ways, especially if you are doing similar pieces with similar footage. It may be more expensive than its lower quality counterparts, but it will all be worth it in the long run. Moreover, you may regret not getting the right quality down the road if it does not fit your project.
  • Be creative. If you have access to post-production technology, let yourself get wild. Push your creative limits and make the perfect video that will take your project to a higher level. Choose the tone. Color correct the footage. Color grade it. Match the color and sharpness. Do everything you need to do to make a beautiful result.

Companies all around the world use cheap stock footage in their video productions. They use it for conventions, seminars and other corporate events. It has actually become popular in interviews of VIPs and CEOs using a green background, where stock footage is inserted post-production, to impart a stronger and clearer message. If these companies recognize the importance of stock videos, there is no reason for you not to.

If you already realize the rewards and benefits of cheap stock footage, the next important thing you should worry about is getting the most out of it. You can start by staying organized to avoid purchases you will later regret. Also, be bold. Be creative. Edit the videos to make all the pieces fit together. Stock footage gives you more time and money to create an amazing project. So, what are you waiting for? Find the right footage and start working on it.